New Friends, Road, & Adventures
San Jacinto State Park Wilderness (Palm Springs, CA)
April 14, 2013

This weekend was spectacular. Last weekend I met a guy from my university and a current student at the indoor gym. They are well-seasoned climbers. It was refreshing to meet people who valued the refuge nature provides when living in the urban jungle of Los Angeles. So, I was thrilled when they invited me to come along and meet their friends in Tram and climb. Their friends were so welcoming and inspired me to climb harder. They derived so much joy from the simple pleasure of climbing and it was wonderful just to get to know them, climb, and talk. You know, when I’m most stressed, worn down, and tired, it’s a solace to know that their are amazing people I have yet to meet, roads to travel, adventures to be had, and of course… rocks to climb.

(I’m going back in 2 weeks!)